What is UHC-JS?

UHC-JS is the JavaScript backend of the Utrecht Haskell Compiler. It is able of compiling any Haskell program to JavaScript. This makes it possible to run your Haskell programs in the browser. Furthermore there is now no more reason for having to write the verbose language that is called JavaScript yourself. Hurray!

Why do you want to write your web applications in Haskell? Simple, because you will have access to all goodies that Haskell has to offer, pureness, lazy evaluation, a compact syntax, an advanced type-system, and access to several existing libraries that include convenient to use parsers. Haskell offers you the ability to whip up your own (e)DSL with little effort including any binary operators you need.


For the more academically oriented reader we provide the following reading materials:


We have further developed the JCU app as discussed in “Getting Rid of Javascript with Haskell”, it is now JavaScript only and we put it online for your convenience. No account creation is necessary for this version as it stores your data in the browser locally.

Need help?

There are currently two major resources for help with UHC. The general UHC documentation describes the usage of UHC in general and the documentation page providing documentation for UHC JavaScript specific scenarios.

If you do not reach a solution, please don’t hesitate to join the IRC channel #uhcjs on FreeNode.


For help installing see Installation of UHC.

GitHub and Issues

Our repositories are located at GitHub. You will find the issue trackers there as well.